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Title :  
Lasting :   13,28
User :  Taukinos
Date of publication :   2019-10-07
Views :   110
Liked :   820
Downloaded once :   348




Jack Graham
My anubis is 5lvl5 dodge 1lvl5 health
Comment from : Jack Graham

Nafis Kazim
Perfect talent and crest set for Anubis ? ? ?
Comment from : Nafis Kazim

nice enhancement that's what mine has too
Comment from : Talisac80

Ushar singh
I'm only at 52k might but i love your videos JT!!
Comment from : Ushar singh

Štěpán Mikulecký
Join this gvild Kings10 is name pleas!!
Comment from : Štěpán Mikulecký

Wolf Thijs
Jt what do u do for living?
Comment from : Wolf Thijs

Jt, try to do a lvl 5 dodge trait on ronin, this would be insane (it would be like a immortal ronin, he is invisible and has a lvl 5 dodge trait).
Comment from : DanLot

my Anubis got 5/5 victory lung after argument
Comment from : Sam33yadav

Lil nick
Comment from : MY VEVO

Fabian Orlando Masó
Jtisallbusiness después encontrar el talento q deseaba y colocarle también debes demostrar como le queda a todos los clasheres así aprenderemos de vos . Saludos brother
Comment from : Fabian Orlando Masó

Tyler French
5/5 energy sap on Ronin?
Comment from : Tyler French

Lucas o7
Dodge so anyone who fights you in Lost Battlefield times out ;)
Comment from : Lucas o7

Jacob Clasen
Put it on sk
Comment from : Jacob Clasen

i would go for all dogde
Comment from : AndyR4ndy

Put energy sap on skull knight
Comment from : ᎶɛɱᎥᏁᎥ ШΔɬᏟɧΣЯ

Like=You have a Big D*ck
Comment=You have a little D*ck

Comment from : LeMagnum

Energy Sap is very good on Grimfiend
Comment from : THEONEANDONLY

BK udonnoodles
There's so much u can do with the new enchantments. Like u can have all ur archdemon heroes with energy sap and the debuffs stack so demon deal like 100 dmg per hit. Or stack cursed battlefield in dungeons and anubis 1-shot everyone.
Comment from : BK udonnoodles

King Midas
Hey guys I'm selling a 120k might account with 20 evos. The account has mostly perfect talents and can be much more greatly improved if it was used more often. Selling it for atleast $25. Hit me up in line, line ID= mauser_321
Comment from : King Midas

Joshua Joseph
Comment from : Joshua Joseph

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